Bushveld Minerals is a low-cost, vertically integrated primary vanadium producer. It is one of only three operating primary vanadium producers, owning 2 of the world’s 4 operating primary vanadium processing facilities.

In 2021, the Company produced more than 3,592 mtV, representing approximately three per cent of the global vanadium market. With a diversified vanadium product portfolio serving the needs of the steel, energy and chemical sectors, the Company participates in the entire vanadium value chain through its two main pillars: Bushveld Vanadium, which mines and processes vanadium ore; and Bushveld Energy, an energy storage solutions provider.

Bushveld Vanadium is targeting to materially grow its vanadium production and achieve an annualised steady state production run rate of between 5,000 mtVp.a. and 5,400 mtVp.a by the end of 2022. Growth plans to 8,000 mtVp.a. will be pursued, subject to funding and market conditions.

 Bushveld Energy is focused on developing and promoting the role of vanadium in the growing global energy storage market through the advancement of vanadium-based energy storage systems, specifically Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (“VRFBs”).

Our Vision

Become one of the world’s most significant, low-cost, vertically-integrated primary vanadium platforms, with a diversified vanadium product portfolio.

Our Mission

Generate value in a safe and sustainable way for all of our stakeholders throughout the commodity cycle.

Our Values 

The Bushveld Minerals’ shared values are the foundational DNA on which our business and brand are built. They were developed:

  • Based on the agreed culture moves and the desired culture the organisation seeks to embed
  • To guide the behaviour and decisions of all leaders and employees in the business
  • To be the set of guiding principles of the desired culture.

We demonstrate care by focusing on safety first, having the courage to pioneer, learn, and adapt, collaborating as one team for shared success, behaving in a way that ensures we are trusted, and always striving to deliver excellence.

Our Strategy

Bushveld Minerals’ strategy is:

  • Build a sustainable, cash-generating, low-cost production platform, comprising:
    • high-grade, opencast and low-cost primary vanadium mines; and
    • refurbished scalable brownfield processing facilities.
  • Use our large, low-cost production platform to build a leading downstream vanadium-based energy storage platform, creating value as a manufacturer of electrolyte, investor and project developer across the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (”VRFB”) value chain.

Bushveld VanadiumA low cost, vertically integrated primary vanadium producer.

Bushveld Energy – an energy storage component manufacturer and project developer, focused on vanadium-based energy storage systems called VRFBs.

Other Investments – Additional investments in Coal & Power and Tin

Registered Office | Oak House, Hirzel Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3RH

Principal Operating Address | 2nd Floor, Building 3 Illovo Edge Office Park 5 Harries Road, Illovo Johannesburg, 2116, South Africa

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