Bushveld Minerals is a low-cost, vertically integrated primary vanadium producer with a  diversified vanadium product portfolio, currently producing approximately 3,000 metric tonnes of Vanadium per annum (”mtVp.a.”) with plans to grow its production to more than 8,400 mtVp.a in the medium term..  Bushveld Minerals’ portfolio of companies includes Bushveld Vanadium, which mines and processes vanadium and Bushveld Energy, which is a leading energy storage solutions provider and project developer exclusively focused on vanadium-based energy storage systems called Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (“VRFB”). The Company is Listed on AIM on the London Stock Exchange.

A growing, low cost, vertically
integrated primary vanadium producer.

A leading energy storage solutions provider, exclusively focused on vanadium-based energy storage systems called Vanadium Redox Flow Battery technology (VRFBs).

Our approach to project development recognizes that whilst attractive project economics are imperative, they are insufficient to secure capital to bring them to account. The philosophy has four key components:

Largest primary vanadium resource globally (~550Mt) High grade resource of 1.6% – 2.0% in-magnetite 1st quartile cost curve position.

Brownfield infrastructure creates scope for low capex and quick scale-up of production capacity.

A diversified vanadium product portfolio which can serve both the steel industry and the energy storage market.

Vertical integration with high quality, low cost production base allows us to be a key player in the multibillion-dollar energy storage industry through VRFBs.



Registered Office | Oak House, Hirzel Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3RH

Principal Operating Address | 2nd Floor, Building 3 Illovo Edge Office Park 5 Harries Road, Illovo Johannesburg, 2116, South Africa

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