Compelling Commodity with Attractive Fundamentals

  • Demand is underpinned by increased intensity of use of vanadium in steel produced by emerging market steelmakers, to limit and eventually eliminate the use of inferior steels.
  • Upside from VRFBs is expected to increase vanadium demand by an additional compound rate of 6 per cent per year by 2027, according to market forecasts.
  • Supply is concentrated and constrained and there is limited new supply from greenfield projects.
  • Market fundamentals remain attractive, and existing primary vanadium producers such as Bushveld Minerals are best positioned to deliver new supply.

Quality Vanadium Assets

  • Bushveld Minerals’ primary vanadium resources consist of large, high-grade opencast deposits, with grades of 1.6 – 2 per cent V2O5 in magnetite, which are among the highest in the world and offer significant growth potential.
  • The company’s 550 Mt combined primary resource is one of the largest in the world and is complemented by low-cost, scalable processing capacity positioned in the lowest quartile of the cost curve, which we intend to operate to maximise efficiencies.
  • Bushveld Minerals owns two of the world’s four existing primary vanadium production processing facilities, and has capacity to scale up production significantly.
  • When Vanchem and Vametco’s expansion initiatives are complete, the group’s production platform will be more than 8,400 mtVp.a, increasing Bushveld Minerals’ share of the vanadium market.

Diverse Product Offering

  • Through Vanchem and Vametco, Bushveld Minerals enjoys a diversified revenue stream from the steel, chemicals and energy storage markets.

Leading Position in VRFB Technology

  • Bushveld Minerals, through its subsidiary Bushveld Energy, is exclusively focusing on VRFB technology within the stationary storage market. This market is expected to grow to US$50 billion by 2027.

Vertical Integration

  • Bushveld Minerals’ vertical integration strategy provides flexibility to maximise sales depending on product demand dynamics.
  • Vertical integration is key not only to strengthening the vanadium demand profile, but also to unlocking significant economic opportunities for the company along the vanadium value chain.
  • Bushveld Minerals’ vertical integration strategy provides a natural hedge against volatility in the vanadium price, as the group can supply the steel, chemicals and energy storage markets to maintain its solid position throughout the commodities cycle.


Leadership Team

  • Bushveld Minerals’ highly-experienced leadership team pools a range of skills and depth of experience that will help it to achieve its goals and growth targets.
  • The team has the necessary vanadium mining and processing experience to ensure operations remain in the lowest cost quartile globally and achieve targets.
  • The team has a proven track record of value-creating transactions that have generated strong returns for shareholders.
  • Board composition is constantly reviewed to ensure strong corporate governance.



  • Bushveld Minerals is committed to high standards of corporate governance.
  • The company continuously reviews its governance policies and is committed to improving its practices over time.



  • We are dedicated to maintaining sustainable mining and processing practices across all our operations and projects. This includes ensuring our employees enjoy a healthy and safe working environment, that we operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, and that we add value to all stakeholders with whom we work.
  • We are active in the circular economy, aiming to ensure vanadium contained in VRFBs is fully re-used.
  • We regard corporate social responsibility as a fundamental part of Bushveld Minerals’ business and we strive to build sincere and significant partnerships with our multiple stakeholders.


Shareholder Returns

  • Bushveld Minerals is committed to delivering attractive returns to its shareholders. The Board supports Bushveld Minerals’ consistent and disciplined approach to capital allocation to manage the group’s growth initiatives.

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