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Bushveld Minerals is a vertically-integrated, primary vanadium producer.

Bushveld Minerals owns vanadium mines and processing facilities in South Africa, which serve the global needs of the steel, energy and chemical markets.

Bushveld Vanadium boasts one of the largest, high-grade vanadium resource bases in the world.

Bushveld Vanadium produces Bushveld nitro-vanadium, ferrovanadium, vanadium oxides, and vanadium chemicals.

Bushveld Energy is a proud pioneer in vanadium-based energy storage solutions.

Bushveld Energy develops energy-related projects and promotes the role of vanadium in the growing long-duration energy storage market.

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We are one of the most significant vanadium resource platforms on earth. Based in South Africa, we are one of only three producers in the world – owning two of the planet's four operating primary vanadium processing facilities.

Bushveld Minerals continues to develop the vanadium value chain through two pillars:

Bushveld Vanadium

Bushveld Vanadium is one of the world's largest primary vanadium miners and processors – vertically integrated and proudly South African.

Bushveld Energy

Bushveld Energy is an energy storage provider – developing power projects including vanadium redox flow batteries, solar, wind and other clean technologies.

Bushveld Vanadium

Vanadium is a chemical element with the symbol V and atomic number 23. It is an average-hard, silvery-grey, malleable, non-brittle metal that is electrically conductive and thermally insulating. Harder than most metals and steels, vanadium has good corrosion resistance and is stable against alkalis, and sulfuric and hydrochloric acids. Vanadium occurs naturally in about 65 minerals and fossil fuel deposits.

Bushveld Vanadium owns three mineral deposits in South Africa, and two of the world's four primary vanadium processing facilities.


South Africa is the world's third-largest producer of vanadium products – by Bushveld Minerals (Bushveld Vanadium) and Glencore.


Vametco and Vanchem processing facilities produce a variety of vanadium products for the steel, energy and chemical sectors.


We participate in the energy sector by supplying vanadium, producing electrolytes, and by investing in energy storage.

Bushveld Energy

Bushveld Energy uses its ownership of the upstream value chain, significant financial strength, and deep technical knowledge to develop valuable independent power projects.

Our main services include technical due diligence (including permitting and environmental optimisation), cost benefit analysis, project development, and investment (procurement, funding and commissioning) and asset management.

Apart from services to the broader energy market, we focus on developing energy storage products (vanadium redox flow batteries), for suppliers and end-users.

VRFB Technology

The vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) is the simplest and most developed flow battery in mass commercial operations. Bushveld Energy focuses its efforts in developing superior VRFB technology for everyday use.

BESS Products

Bushveld Energy offers various battery energy storage systems (BESS) – hybrid mini-grids, standalone and bespoke solutions – for clients ranging from commercial and industrial to mining and independent energy producers.

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