The road to an advanced future is not paved with old ways

Bushveld Minerals is a vertically-integrated, primary vanadium producer, and a significant player in the global market.

Everything we do as a company is to inspire people to bring more power not just to life – but to lives.

About Us

We are committed to a sustainable future and are guided by our values:  Care, Collaboration, Courage, Excellence & Trust. 

With a diversified vanadium product portfolio serving the needs of the steel, energy, and chemical sectors, we participate in the entire vanadium value chain through two main pillars: Bushveld Vanadium (the mining and processing of vanadium ore) and Bushveld Energy.


It is our vision to fuel human freedom in empowering better, safer, and more sustainable living. 


We are committed to generate value in a safe and sustainable way for all of our stakeholders throughout the commodity cycle. We actively endeavour to grow our footprint to become one of the world's most significant vertically-integrated mineral resource platforms.


To build a sustainable, cash-generating, low-cost production platform and leverage it to create a leading downstream vanadium-based energy storage platform.

In effecting this strategy, our leadership prioritises the proactive identification and mitigation of all business and operating risks that may impede our objectives.

Caring for each other. And the planet.

Ensuring that what we take from the earth,

we give back in the form of progress.

Business Model

Bushveld Minerals’ vertically-integrated business model combines mining and processing, with further beneficiation to produce products for the steel, energy, chemicals, and aerospace industries.

We are also building an electrolyte production facility and have incubated energy assets. Our sought-after products enjoy market premiums due to their superior quality.

In all our activities, we strive to be a responsible and respectable social partner, ensuring sustainable economic growth and development for the communities around us while creating value for our shareholders.

We have access to some of the highest grades of vanadium in the world and focus on efficient, sustainable, safe, and low-cost extraction.

Our processing facilities, which use standard salt-roast and leach methods, have undergone continued refurbishment and optimisation initiatives to achieve stable processing and refining.

We supply products to our customers’ specifications and optimise our sales to higher-value markets globally.

Through Bushveld Energy we provide utility-scale energy storage solutions, including electrolyte production, VRFBs (through our investment in CellCube) and energy storage focused projects.

Powered by Human Possibility

The road to an advanced future is not paved with old ways. It is fuelled by the power of human possibility.

A less wasteful, more resilient tomorrow requires a shift.  In thinking. In doing. Towards better systems, better structures. Ones that don't leave us culpable, or vulnerable.

Bushveld Minerals is committed to pulling this kind of future forward – to bringing manufacturing, development, energy, and growth not just to life, but to lives.

Building. Not just structures, but sustainability. Powering. Not just progress, but people – fuelling human freedom in advancing a better, safer, more durable existence for us all. 

And to ensure that what we take from the earth goes back into it in the form of progress for our planet.

Bushveld Minerals.
Simple. Fast. Effective.

Core Values & Beliefs

Bushveld Minerals Stands for CARE


We care about our people, the planet, and making the right choices for the benefit of all stakeholders. 

Bushveld Minerals Stands for COURAGE


We show our courage by doing pioneering work – innovating and constructively challenging one another to make quality decisions for a better world. 

Bushveld Minerals Stands for COLLABORATION


We collaborate for shared success by building solid relationships with customers and stakeholders. 

Bushveld Minerals Stands for EXCELLENCE


We continually strive for excellence through deliberate planning, training, accepting accountability, and driving improvement across all divisions and the entire value chain. 

Bushveld Minerals Stands for TRUST


We are trusted, because we are committed to ethical behaviour on all accounts – delivering on our promises, and respecting the planet, as well as all our contributors and stakeholders. 

Powering not only life, but lives.

Building a Sustainable Tomorrow

In 2022, the company produced 3 842 mtV – representing more than 3% of the global vanadium market.

We are targeting a sustainable production run rate of 5 000 mtV – 5 400 mtV over the near-term.


Bushveld Minerals, its companies, departments and projects rely on solid leadership. 

Meet our directors and managers here.


Bushveld Minerals is listed on the AIM (Alternative Investment Market), a specialised unit of the London Stock Exchange. 

Our shareholders are publicly listed here.


We strictly follow the principles as set out in our Corporate Governance Statement.