Health & Safety

Bushveld Minerals recognises that the safety and well-being of our employees and communities are key to achieving long-term success.

Our approach to health and safety is risk-based, starting with a Baseline Risk Assessment, moving to an Issue-Based Risk Assessment and then to a Continuous Risk Assessment, which includes lag and lead indicators.

Our guiding principle of zero tolerance for deviations from regulatory requirements, whether by our staff or contractors, ensures that we maintain compliance with industry-leading standards.

In 2022, Vanchem was certified in ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems (QMS), while Vametco retained its QMS certification.

In 2023, the group intends to ensure that both Vanchem’s and Vametco’s Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems are certified under ISO 45001:2018.

Our Bushveld Minerals safety drive entails visibility, behavioural change coaching, inspections, and training programmes that are carried out on site by both management and employees.


At Bushveld Minerals, we aim to build a culture that is lead by visible, engaged leaders who allow our people to collaborate for success and strive to implement our strategy with disciplined execution.

We embrace diversity and build trust amongst our teams by encouraging accountability and ownership.

Ultimately, we are working together towards a shared identity and purpose beyond vanadium.

Bushveld Minerals Stands for CARE


We care about the health and wellness of our employees and have set behaviour modification targets for long-term and sustainable benefits.

Bushveld Minerals Stands for COURAGE


We strive to build resilience and self-management competencies by empowering our employees to take control of their wellness and to develop coping skills to manage or overcome life’s demands – decreasing the risk of overall health issues.

Bushveld Minerals Stands for COLLABORATION


We collaborate with employees and stakeholders at all levels and areas of the organisation to encourage and maintain healthy behaviours for all.

Bushveld Minerals Stands for EXCELLENCE


We strive to deliver excellent employee wellness programmes, and are focused on giving employees more control over their health by providing them with the right tools and resources.

Bushveld Minerals Stands for TRUST


We collaborate with world-class experts to provide our employees with trusted services that offer value and assurance that their difficulties will be dealt confidentially.