Socio-Economic Development

Bushveld Minerals drives socio-economic development, regulatory compliance, and creation of value beyond compliance in communities where we operate – whilst remaining commercially competitive and delivering value to our stakeholders.

We endeavour to implement projects identified through baseline studies according to our financial capabilities. We do this as part of our Social & Labour Plans (SLP), Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and other community upliftment projects, for the benefit of the host communities, and in line with their needs.

We are a growing business characterised by agility and a remarkable receptiveness to change.

We are constantly searching for better – from our people, systems and processes.

Everyone is invested in making our business a success and understands that this will be achieved by working together.

Bushveld Minerals
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Labour Profile

Bushveld Minerals’ operations pay special attention to sourcing labour from host municipalities, which contributes directly to local socio-economic development.

Social & Labour Plan (SLP)

We are currently in the implementation phase of the projects we committed to in Vametco’s 2018 to 2022 SLPs which was approved by the DMRE. These projects are carried out in consultation and, in some instances, in partnership with the municipality, beneficiary communities and other relevant stakeholders. Our new SLP for the period 2023 to 2027 has already been submitted to the DMRE. The SLP is Vametco’s commitment to socio-economic and community development for employees and its host communities.

To better strengthen relationships with communities and to fully understand the socio-economic landscape of our host communities, we plan to carry out a comprehensive socio-economic baseline study in 2023. The study will inform the Company’s community development strategy going forward, ensuring that we make a lasting impact on the communities where we operate.


In 2022, Vametco and Vanchem enrolled ten community-owned businesses into a business development support programme. The programme is aimed at capacitating and strengthening core business competencies such as strategy, marketing, brand awareness, reputational risk and financial modelling.

Additionally, we continue to support Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME’s) currently doing business with our operations by prioritising their invoice payments, where possible. Programmes such as these allow us to create a pipeline of local businesses that can, in future, participate economically in the operation.

Investment in Communities

The sustainability of our communities is intrinsically linked to the success of our operations. Partnering with communities and other stakeholders for social upliftment is a strategic priority.

In 2022, Vametco and Vanchem enrolled 10 community-owned businesses into a business development support programme. The programme is aimed at capacitating and strengthening core business competencies such as strategy, marketing, brand awareness, reputational risk and financial modelling.

Additionally, we continue to support small, medium and micro enterprises (SMME’s) currently doing business with our operations by prioritising their invoice payments, where possible.

Programmes such as these allow us to create a pipeline of local businesses that can, in future, participate economically in the operation.

With Enterprise Supplier Developments increasingly becoming a key enabler to creating sustainable and thriving communities beyond mine operations, and its ability to empower the sharing of value within a company’s operational ecosystem, it is our firm belief that our EDS strategy contributes towards creating sustainable and vibrant communities beyond the life of mines.

Bushveld Minerals High Mast Project

Safety is our number one priority – not just for our employees at our sites. The safety and security of our communities is equally important to us. Many community members, including our own employees, travel from their homes to work in the darker hours of the day. Good street lighting makes a difference in reducing crime incidents in the community, creating safer neighbourhoods.

As part of the Vametco Social Labour Plan (SLP), we are installing solar high mast lights, in partnership with the Madibeng Local Municipality. Equipped with solar technology, the lights will stay on despite loadshedding.

The communities of Rankotea, Switch and Thetele and Ward 21 are currently benefiting from this initiative, as we roll out the solar high mast lights in the area.

To maximise the impact of the project on the local community and ensure economic benefit for local businesses, Vametco has appointed service providers from the same communities where the installations are taking place.

The expected spend for this project is over R4 million (US$0,2 million). It will create much-needed economic spin-offs, such as job opportunities for locals and support for emerging entrepreneurs who are now afforded the opportunity to do business with Bushveld Minerals.

Molebogeng Creche

Molebogeng Day Care Centre is an early learning centre situated at Mothotlung Ward 20, which falls under Madibeng Local Municipality.

The centre was built by Vametco in 1991 as part of a mining community development project and handed over to the community.

The centre presently enrols 24 toddlers from Mothotlung and neighbouring communities. The building has 13 rooms comprising classrooms, a kitchen, toilets and sleeping rooms. There are three caregivers who take care of the children daily.

In 2022, Bushveld Vametco started renovations on the building and playgrounds, which were in a poor state of maintenance and posing a safety risk. A local contractor carried out the refurbishment to make the environment more conducive to effective learning and teaching children. The project involved the renovation of the bathrooms, classrooms, playing field and the fixing of windows and ceilings.

One of the caregivers, Isabella Manthoko, has this to say about the involvement of Bushveld Vametco: "I was hopeless before the Vametco refurbishment project, because our enrolment numbers were dwindling due to parents fearing for the safety of the environment. Ever since the project was completed, more parents have started 2023 enrolment and numbers are looking good."

Bushveld Minerals has appointed a local service provider to assist with Phase 1 of infrastructure development at the Mothotlung sports complex.

This initial phase of the project includes putting up a fence around the sports field. Various activities in the sports complex, such as the clubhouse renovation, planting grass in the soccer field, an irrigation system, and construction of a grandstand, will follow.

During the construction phase, the project is estimated to create twenty temporary job opportunities for local community members.

The project's first phase is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

Bushveld Vametco is in the process of upgrading a community sports field in Rankotea.

The upgrading work will include putting up a fence around the stadium, fixing the goal posts, and the installation of a sprinkler system.

A local service provider was recently appointed to assist with project implementation, and approximately eight local people are expected to be employed during the construction phase.

The project is expected to be completed by end of 2023.

Bushveld Minerals is working with Madibeng Local Municipality to augment water provision in the Rankotea area.

This project entails drilling and equipping additional boreholes, installing water tanks, and placing communal taps next to the boreholes.

Instead of connecting these boreholes to the Eskom line, they will utilise a solar energy system.

During the construction phase, approximately five people will be employed.

The project is currently at a feasibility stage and expected to be completed by Q1 of 2023.

Bushveld Minerals will contribute a total budget of R2 million to this project.

The mine has started working with Madibeng Local Municipality to re-gravel some of the local roads in Rankotea, Switch and Thetele, and Ward 21.

This road improvement project is part of the municipality’s IDP infrastructure development programmes.

The project is currently at a feasibility stage and discussions with service providers assisting with the project scopes and designs are currently underway.

It is estimated that at least twenty people will be employed during the construction stage. The expected project completion date is Q1 of 2023.

Bushveld Minerals has set aside a total budget of R3 million for this project.

The Uitvalgrond community, one of the Bushveld Vametco’s host communities, has been experiencing challenges accessing clean drinking water.

Although there are water systems in place in this community, the main borehole that supplies water to the community reticulation system has stopped working, and the energy supply to the system is also damaged.

We have worked with the community to repair the main borehole pump. The first phase was completed in 2022 and the community is now able to access clean water.

Bushveld Minerals contributed R125 000 towards this phase and will continue with the second phase in 2023.

The second phase will involve fixing the reticulation system and equipping all the other outstanding boreholes in Uitvalgrond.

Investment in People

Human resources development (HRD) is one of the group's most important socio-economic goals. Bushveld Minerals invests in developing the skills of its employees and members of the host communities.

The aim is to improve the quality of life for workers and community members, while increasing their labour mobility and prospects of employment beyond Bushveld Minerals.

The HRD programmes include learnerships, internships, bursaries, portable skills, and adult education and training (AET).


Learnership programmes are offered to both employees and non-employees. Trades taught typically include fitting, fitting and turning, electrical, instrument mechanician, rigging, boiler-making, and diesel mechanics.


Graduate internships at Bushveld Minerals are mainly in the following functions: Electrical & Chemical Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Geology, Finance, and Human Resources.


Bursaries are awarded for further studies at top South African institutions.

Portable Skills

Training sessions in portable skills allow community members to make an impact in diverse trades outside our industry.

Adult Education & Training

This is an accredited curriculum offered to community members and employees to promote literacy. It focuses on upgrading English communication skills and numeracy, ranging from pre-AET to Level 4 (NQF1).

To illustrate what these programmes mean in practice, we would like to introduce you to members of our community who received Vametco bursaries and are now interns at the mine – a first significant step towards long-term careers at our company.

Bushveld Minerals Intern Ntiyiso Sambo

Ntiyiso Sambo

27-year-old Ntiyiso Sambo is an electrical engineer and a graduate intern in Vametco’s electrical engineering department. She successfully completed her BTECH in electrical engineering in 2018. Her current role involves assisting the electrical foreman with tasks such as project planning, costing, equipment changes, electrical projects and being responsible for stores.

Bushveld Minerals Intern Ethel Matsobane

Ethel Tshologelo Matsobane

Chemical engineer Ethel Tsholofelo Matsobane studied at Wits University. She holds an Honours degree in chemical engineering and is now pursuing her Master’s degree. Throughout her studies, she participated in the Vametco vacation work programme. She is currently working as part of the team that is optimising the upper sim plant.