Bushveld Minerals Careers

We are a growing business characterised by agility and a remarkable receptiveness to change. 

We are constantly searching for better – from our people, systems and processes.

Everyone is invested in making our business a success and understands that this can only be achieved by working together. We are a community in the true sense of the word – bound by our vision and the Bushveld Minerals way.

Our Environment

Our environment supports diversity, collaboration, creative problem solving and the cross-pollination of ideas. Our employees describe the Bushveld Minerals working environment as:

  • Growth Oriented
  • Collaborative
  • Fun
  • Hallmarked by Excellence

Our Employees

We are a community of expressive individuals who genuinely buy into the vision of becoming the world’s leading vertically-integrated primary vanadium producer. We are driven to succeed and excel in all that we do. We believe in our growth ambitions and our collective ability to make it happen.

Our Leaders

We are led by a diverse leadership team with an eye for talent. We continually develop and search for brilliant individuals with the combination of skills, thinking and attitudes that constructively challenge convention. Our leaders care for the professional welfare of the team, ardently investing in talent development and rewarding outstanding performance.


The Bushveld Minerals group employs exceptional people with outstanding capabilities and great potential in all areas of our business.