Bushveld Minerals’ environmental strategy is compliant with various environmental laws and regulations (national, provincial and local) and alignment with international standards – including the IFC’s environmental and social performance standards and the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.

Annual environmental performance assessment audits are conducted by an external environmental specialist and by regulatory authorities. An independent specialist also performed environmental legal compliance audits.

They consider the group’s compliance with the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) conditions and the mine’s environmental authorisations.

No major findings were reported from any of these audits and no environmental penalties were imposed by the regulatory authorities.

Status of Environmental Operating licences / Authorisations & Compliance:

We are pleased to report that, in 2021, the company was awarded a number of licences and environmental authorisations by various government bodies. 

Vametco is certified ISO 14001:2015.

Our operations are fully compliant with South African legislation.