Stakeholder Engagement

Bushveld Minerals has developed a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy which forms the blueprint for building relationships with stakeholders, including host communities and local landowners.

The stakeholder engagement strategy was developed to enable Bushveld Minerals to develop a collaborative relationship with key stakeholders in support of its strategic objective – to become a fully integrated vanadium company.

The stakeholder engagement strategy builds on Bushveld Minerals’ strategic intention to identify key stakeholders and their interests and requirements to develop appropriate engagement models.

Four key stakeholder engagement outcomes support Bushveld Minerals’ strategy:

  • Socio-economic development, regulatory compliance, and creating value beyond compliance in the communities that we serve.

  • Development of a strong South African vanadium industry, including a broad base of stakeholders.

  • Development of a policy and regulatory framework for the battery energy storage systems industry, including VRFBs, in the South African electricity market.

  • Expansion of VRFB deployments into the African continent and exports of vanadium, electrolyte, and the electrolyte rental product to key global markets (US, UK / EU and China).